The Face is a distorted version of Mickey Mouse, and an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

The Face has the same appearance as an ordinary Mickey Mouse, except his eyes are a pale white, almost human, and his mouth hangs ajar with no teeth showing, as if it is broken or dislocated. His ears are more bat-like and pointy, compared to Mickey Mouse's circular ears. His suit also appears to be slightly darker than normal and has no legs, as most of his lower torso has been melted, it is unknown why. There are just short little stumps where his legs should be. In one of the promo images, he can be seen with a strange, yellow liquid (presumably blood) pouring out of his left eye socket.

Behavior Edit

He is extremely unpredictable as he doesn't appear in any cameras, seeming to only appear at random intervals. When he appears in the Office, he can be seen climbing on the desk. When he attacks the player, he rises up screaming as he shakes just like PN Mickey. He will also rarely jumpscare the player when they begin in Pirate Caverns.

Locations Edit

It is currently unknown where The Face will start, but in the original demo, he can randomly teleport into The Office. And for 1 more information : We think he starts of the roof

Future Updates Edit

  • The creator of the game, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez, has confirmed that a voice has been recorded for The Face, and has confirmed that it will be added to the full game.
  • According to game creator, Matthew, The Face plays a big part in the game's story.

Bugs Edit

  • When The Face appears in the Office, his eyes seem altered when compared to the pair of eyes he has when he kills you.
  • When The Face jumpscares the player in Pirate Caverns, the image behind him will switch to The Office for a split second before going to the Game Over screen.
  • In The Face current jumpscare, his thumb clips through the upper part of his mouth.
    • His eyes will misplace for a split second in his jumpscare.
    • His eyes will also disappear for a split second in his jumpscare.
    • He seems to be lacking the buttons on his pants during the jumpscare.
    • His right thumb will clip through his upper jaw during his jumpscare.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Matthew, The Face got his name from a modeling error that happened while Matthew was creating him.
  • The Face will be voiced by the creator of the game, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez.
  • The Face has a faster jumpscare in Pirate Caverns than in regular circumstances. It is unkown whether or not this is a bug.
  • He is like the distorted mickey and... nightmare suicide mouse Exept not a nightmare to SC research

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