TBmHC, also known as The Button machine Hides Codes, is a downloadable file made by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez. The file supposedly shows what was to be added into an update to the game Five Nights At Treasure Island. It functions similar to TGsEE.

Gameplay Edit

The player presses buttons and inputs a code with the "1", "2", and "3" keys on the keyboard. Upon entering a valid code then pressing one of the buttons, an image will appear or a sound will play.

Codes Edit

As stated above, the player can change numbers on the side of the screen to match codes. Once a code is entered, the player must press a specific button to get an image or an animation to appear.

CTRL Codes Edit

Holding CTRL turns the digits on the right-side of the screen the color pink. The player will have limited time to enter a code before the digits turn white again. Pressing a button makes it turn pink instead of green. Upon entering a valid code then pressing one of the buttons, a sound icon appears. Clicking it plays sound clips.

Random Occurrences Edit

Sometimes, the lights in the background will flash red but nothing happens. From here, the player is able to retry inputting codes by pressing one of the arrow keys. Additionally, every so often some numbers will display on the screen for about a split second.